Look Good Feel Better

We are official partners of Look Good Feel Better, a charity that helps boost the physical and emotional wellbeing of people living with cancer, through free online and face to face workshops, printed materials and tutorials.

We have been donating a % of our sales to Look Good Feel Better since February 2021, totalling well over £10,000 and counting. So if you have purchased Rosalique, we just want to say a massive thank you for helping us support the incredible work of this amazing organisation!

So, who is Look Good Feel Better and what do they do?

As we mentioned, Look Good Feel Better organises workshops for people that are going through cancer or cancer treatment. Their first workshop for women was held 26 years ago and since then the charity has developed special sessions for young adults and, in 2018, launched vitally needed services for men. Each group session is led by trained volunteers and offers a chance to chat to others as well as learning useful skills and techniques to help manage some of the side-effects of cancer treatment. The workshops focus on skincare, beauty, grooming, styling, hair/wig care and more recently fitness and mental wellbeing.



Look Good Feel Better works in hospitals and cancer support centres across the country, offering their practical & effective services to all ages, genders, skin-tones and every type of cancer patient.

They responded very swiftly to the pandemic and created, trialled and launched a range of online workshops, so that cancer patients could continue to be supported. Through the power of Zoom they now also offer their workshops virtually, making them more accessible than ever. Look Good Feel Better continues to provide vital, confidence boosting support in the comfort of peoples homes.

Their small group sessions tackle some of the problems that might be faced through treatment. Questions can be asked, experiences shared and lots of new tips and techniques are demonstrated by their experts. Most importantly, there is always a lot of chat and laughter!


We are honoured to be partnered with Look Good Feel Better, since the topic of cancer holds particular significance to us here at Rosalique. Our founder Claudia lost her father to cancer and since then, we have been constantly raising awareness as well as funds for cancer research and support.

Our heart goes out to everyone affected by cancer, whether in the present or in the past, directly or indirectly. Please reach out to our team if there is anything we can help you with or with any questions you may have.⁠

To find out more or to book a workshop with Look Good Feel Better check out their website here.

If you would like to donate to Look Good Feel Better, please click here. And of course you can also support them by shopping on our website!